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Turner County

Turner County is located in southeastern South Dakota. It includes an area of 617 square miles and a population of 8,856 as of 2023.  Its county seat is Parker. The county was established in 1871 and was named for Dakota Territory official John W. Turner. Turner County is a part of the Sioux Falls, SD Metropolitan Statistical Area.  Turner County home of the towns of Parker, Centerville, Marion, Viborg, Irene, Hurley, Chancellor, Dolton and Monroe.  The county sports the oldest running county fair.  The Turner County Fair is held in August.

Turner County

Median Resident Age      42.0    (2022 ACS 5-year Estimates)

Per Capita Income             $36,103           (2022 ACS 5-year Estimates)

Households             3,442  (2022 ACS 5-year Estimates)

Median Household Income        $72,312           (2022 ACS 5-year Estimates)

Educational Attainment (2022 ACS 5-year Estimates): 

Graduate Degree:                                 6.5%

Bachelor’s Degree:                                20%

Some College or Associate Degree: 32.6%

High School Diploma:                         32.3%

Less Than High School Diploma:       8.6%

Total Workforce:  4,871

Top 5 Industries by Employment         (2022 ACS 5-year Estimates)

            Education/Healthcare       1,085

            Retail Trade                          468

            Agriculture                           463

            Construction                        393

            Manufacturing                    361

Top States contributing to the MSA’s Population Growth:

  1. Minnesota
  2. California
  3. Colorado
  4. Iowa
  5. Nebraska


Centerville: City Site , Economic Development site

MSA Stats

Institutions of Higher Education in Sioux Falls (2024):  8

Estimated Available Labor Supply (2023)17,500

Average Annual Number of New MSA Residents:  4,000 – 6000

Annual College/Tech School Graduates Statewide (2023): ~9,000

Sioux Falls MSA High School Graduates (2023): ~3,200

Labor Participation Rate (2022)74.6%*

* Percentage of metro residents 16+ who are employed

Labor Force Growth over the last Decade (2020): 20%

Students Attending Post-Secondary Institutions Within 150 Miles of Sioux Falls (2023): ~108,000